Spinal Flow Therapy

Spinal Flow® Technique is an effective, natural and gentle way to find permanent relief from many physical, mental and emotional conditions. It has its roots in chiropractic science, anatomy and physiology of the Central Nervous System and Spine, and combines a muscular-skeletal and metaphysical approach to healing.

The Central Nervous System (CNS) is the supreme command centre of the body. The brain communicates with the body via cranial nerves and spinal nerves extending through, and branching off from, the vertebral canal.

If there are blockages in any part of the spine, the flow of information is impeded, affecting the function in that particular part of the body. This communication affects every physical function of your body. It also affects how you function mentally and how you feel.

A Spinal Flow session encourages the energy of the Spinal Wave to come through the body with a clear focus on releasing spinal blockages and facilitating the body’s wisdom and ability to heal itself. The increased spinal flow releases spinal blockages and can restore mobility in spinal vertebrae that may have been blocked.

Practitioners are trained to find and contact Access Points on the spine and the head to activate the body’s healing wave which helps the body to locate and clear the blockages or static interference in the nervous system.

The technique is not manipulative or invasive and you remain fully clothed. It consists of light touches on different access points of the spine (through the clothing) and the head. It is a very relaxing experience.

You can see how blockages in different areas of the spine can affect how you feel and how you function. The nerves that flow down your spine affect every area of your being.

" Keren, you're a Godsend ... Thank you so much for helping cease this constant state of agitation in my body. I feel more free... less tense ... actually managed to sleep through the whole night. I'm still amazed... shocked even that the technique you applied on me really really works... I feel more mobile... more free... able to feel more relaxed and free. I've been going to masseurs for over 3 years trying to get tight muscle in my back to relax... it appears what you've done really helped me out omg... THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU... I'm going to tell everyone about you and this Spinal Flow technique of yours!!! I'm a very happy man indeed. Thank you again for giving me the freedom I've always wanted..... needed.”