Our Reiki courses are usually conducted as Weekend Workshops. They are unique, including a spiritual development component to enhance your self-knowledge, intuition and awareness of energy. You are introduced to working with energy, and healing with love and intuition rather than following a standard formula.

Be the best that you can be

Reiki 3 Personal Mastery is not about teaching. It is about your journey to become a Master of yourself.

Even the best of teachers can only teach others to their own level of development so it is a blessing and a gift that you give to yourself, and your future students, when you make the commitment to gather knowledge and wisdom, to learn and experience as much as you can, before you begin to teach. However it is not necessary for you to want to teach. Many of those participating simply want to continue their journey.

The main focus of Reiki 3 Personal Mastery training is taking your Reiki knowledge and abilities to a higher and deeper level, and to support you in developing to the highest level possible, at this stage of your journey. Thus you will begin a new journey of personal spiritual development, integrity and a commitment to yourself to being the best that you can possibly be.

About the course:

Reiki 3 Personal Mastery is a pre-cursor to Reiki Master\Teacher and Teacher of Meditation, however it is not necessary for you to want to teach to do this level. This is an advanced Personal Mastery level, including advanced standard and non-standard Reiki techniques. The Reiki Master Attunement affects your spirual level where you "become the energy" - it is a way of life where you may "walk the talk". You are encouraged to embrace new concepts and techniques at a soul level with love and intuition, with your heart rather than your head.

Sometimes people who have done a Reiki course feel as though a switch has been flicked. And indeed it has! For some, Reiki 1 is enough to open the doorway to the connection to Universal Life Force Energy and the synchronicity and healing that it brings into their life.

Others choose to continue with Reiki 2 so that they can continue their own healing journey, help others to heal, and perhaps begin practicing Reiki professionally. This is enough for many people. There are others who become more aware of the challenges of life and the differences between their existence at a spiritual level and being in a human body. It is at this point they seek to master the frailties of the ego and rise above the many earthly challenges that they experience.

Reiki 3 is about Personal Mastery, for to become a Master is truly to become a master of all aspects of oneself. When we recognise, challenge and overcome our own life-time programming and ego, we can then transcend emotion, reactivity and judgements and become an effective vehicle of change for ourselves and others.

“We at The Reiki Association of Australia Inc. have looked over your manuals, and I must say they are very in-depth and insightful. The integrity and professionalism your manuals and teachings depict are truly something you should be proud of. Also as I have seen how brillant a writer you are, if you ever want to offer a small article for our newsletter please do so, as other practitioners and teachers may find your knowledge valuable. “
Reiki Association of Australia Inc.


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Other courses may be scheduled
Please enquire if you are interested in doing Reiki 2

Courses are usually held on a weekend 10am - 6pm
at one of the following locations:

The Farm, 50 Holmchase Road

Holistic One, 95 Coventry Street, Southbank

$715 ($315 deposit) Inc GST
Call 0409706727 or email to register

Who is this course for?

Reiki 3 is suitable for you (maybe perfect!) if you are:

  • Wanting to continue your journey and achieve more Personal Mastery

  • Looking for increased personal growth, transformation and synchronicity in your life

  • Ready for an increased level of energy

  • Wanting to continue your own healing journey

  • Wanting to continue your journey healing others

  • Considering practising Reiki professionally

  • A healthcare practitioner wanting to add additional therapies or depth to your treatments

What participants have said:

  • “Reiki 2 gave me clarity, insight, healing and direction. During Reiki 3 the information that I received and the golden threads of unconditional love, understanding and acceptance that are woven throughout the weekend gave me an even greater depth of understanding of so many things on so many levels!! I felt awakened … that my soul finally remembered and embraced profound truths that had always been part of me, yet obscured by life. I will never be the same again, and things will never affect me the same way again. Reiki 3 has been the greatest turning point of my whole life and taken me to a new level of personal mastery.

  • “As a practitioner I have learnt so many new skills that I can use to help my clients, and how to keep my vibration high even in difficult circumstances. I feel that I am indeed becoming a Master of myself, with a new level of connection, guidance, confidence and peace within myself.”

  • “I am so grateful to have done Reiki 1, Reiki 2 and now Reiki 3 with Keren. She is truly unique and it was a privilege to share this weekend with her. She is a very insightful teacher, but even more, she IS Reiki. It flows from her in the way that she cares, understands, accepts without judgement and allows you to be who you truly are, and holds the space for students to explore.”

Includes Reiki Master Attunements
Reiki 3 Manual
Reiki 3 Certificate
Reiki Lineage to Mikao Usui

Reiki 3 Personal Mastery level builds upon and deepens what you learnt and experienced in your Reiki I and 2 courses, and more importantly, on your own journey and learnings since your training. Reiki 3 is usually undertaken at least 3 months after Reiki 2.

The weekend is comprehensive with a Master Attunement and many advanced techniques to use for yourself and others, in both Reiki and personal spiritual development, making you an even more highly skilled, intuitive and heartfelt practitioner.

It promotes understanding, connection and clearing at a very deep level which can continue working for quite some time following the course.

If you plan to teach this beautiful modality to others, Reiki 3 can be followed by Reiki Master\Teacher.Certified Instructor: Keren Wigley Accredited Reiki Master\Teacher with Reiki Association of Australia and Teacher of Meditation

Certified Instructor: Keren Wigley Accredited Reiki Master\Teacher with Reiki Association of Australia and Teacher of Meditation