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Hello, it's lovely to see you here!

I was born and raised in Colac and had a very adventurous and free upbringing, being quite a tomboy with an "outdoorsy" lifestyle, riding horses, playing cowboys and indians and jumping out of haylofts with the neighbourhood kids from the age of 7 (but as I grew older I also played the piano, learnt ballet and was sure that I would be the next Margo Fonteyn!)

I went on many trips into remote areas with my parents as my step-Dad was a road contractor. He often took me out on the job with him, and I was driving a bulldozer, front-end loader and a grader from the age of 13.

This wonderful upbringing instilled in me a deep love for being outdoors, the country and the Otways region, and a connection with nature . I can't tell you how much I love being based back in Colac at The Farm after working for some years in Melbourne.

For many years I have been fascinated with Quantum Physics, studying the infinite power of the mind and how utilising this can help to reduce, or even eliminate many of the issues that clients are struggling to overcome. Combining this with Kinesiology, Spinal Flow and other modalities, provides a very powerful foundation for working together to identify the underlying causes of ill health, resolve and clear unwanted feelings or beliefs, provide the tools they need to manage or clear these issues, reclaim their personal power and facilitate the body's innate ability to heal itself.


A previous life ...

In my previous working life I had a thirty year corporate career, and did my best to combine a career with family life, not always successfully!

My corporate work, as I progressed in my career, was in finance, administration, computer training, software and hardware support and web development. In later years it was very much in conducting personal and professional development training, staff management and empowering others to reach their full potential. This has flowed so beautifully into the healthcare world, allowing me to bring a very deep level of knowledge and experience to my work.

I have noticed, in hindsight, that my corporate career gave me skills that are still very useful. It also gave me a profound understanding of the daily stress and demands confronting many of my clients in the corporate arena. The extra knowledge (and perhaps wisdom) that I can bring to my work has enabled clients to achieve permanent change, both personally and professionally.

I still remember the turning point in my life, opening doors and taking me to a level of personal and spiritual development that I never knew existed.

I did a Reiki 1 course in the late 90's. I didn't even know what Reiki was, I just felt compelled to do it. After that weekend workshop, I knew that there was more and was determined to find it and explore this new paradigm to the very depths. I did Reiki 1 three more times, feeling each time that there was "more". With each one and each Reiki Master, I learnt so much more.

Little did I know that it would begin a journey to a new world. Ever so gently I began to change, my life began to change and new doors continued to open. I spent quite some time feeling that I had one foot on the boat and one foot on the jetty. And indeed I did, during that transition as I ventured through the healthcare doorway, away from the corporate world.


I established my Melbourne clinic, Holistic Health Melbourne in 2008 after completing my Diploma of Health Science (Holistic Kinesiology) and continued studying other modalities as they continued to flow onto my radar. I was based in Melbourne for quite a few years.

life brought me back to Colac and I opened my Colac clinic in 2015. It was called Otway Kinesiology, then Holistic Health-Otway Kinesiology, and now Holistic Health Colac. I spent a few years working between Colac and Melbourne on a "week-about" basis and always looked forward to being in Colac. With extended lockdowns in Melbourne in 2020, it wasn't a tough decision to return permanently to Colac. I have continued to focus on my Colac clinic since then. However, this wasn't a decision my Melbourne clients were very happy with, so I have compromised with a monthly weekend trip to Melbourne so that they can continue to have sessions.

I find that I have a very down-to-earth approach in my work with clients, and a session is grounded in keeping it real, practical and relevant for them.

As one of my Melbourne clients said recently "I love seeing you for our session. You are so calming, and so "real" with me. I love it!".

Keren Wigley

Founder and Principal Practitioner

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