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This one-person sauna surrounds you with a safe, highly effective infrared treatment in a portable, single person mini- sanctuary. You can destress your mind, boost your immune system, burn calories, improve circulation and naturally detoxify your body easily and effectively with Solo.

The Solo System portable infrared sauna utilises SoloCarbon heating panels, control zone heating, and a sleek lightweight design unlike any other. Zone-based heating gives you full control over what you want to target most. Because the design is broken into varying domes, you can select different settings to find the perfect temperature for your ideal experience. It’s a high-comfort solution that’s easy to use and the perfect way to take a break and unwind when you need it.

Restore balance with light. The Solo System is the only portable infrared sauna to feature built-in chromotherapy lighting. An LED array provides the ancient healing method of light and colour therapy to improve health and harmony. Chromotherapy lighting enhances your home sauna experience using colours from the sun’s visible light spectrum to bring balance and mental wellbeing

You can read more about it here if you like the technical stuff.

InfraRed Sauna

Sunlighten saunas are a game changer for reducing cortisol (stress hormone), inflammation in the body and help the body naturally and effectively shed weight by bringing the body back into balance. The patented technology Sunlighten developed is clinically backed and are a serious part of my wellness arsenal. I highly recommend them to my clients.

Pippa Campbell

I kept hearing great things about Infrared saunas from people with Rheumatoid Arthritis. So I trialed a Sunlighten a few times and loved it so much that I bought my own! Having a sauna on hand builds more confidence and control on your health mission. After a 45 min session I feel refreshed, renewed and happy! It's definitely something I recommend at Rheumatoid Solutions.

Clint Paddison

I love my mPulse Infrared sauna and since using it a few times each week I have more energy, my body detoxes better and my skin is clear and glowing! Definitely one of my favourite biohacks for longevity.

Angela Foster